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Disclaimer: if you're a woman between the ages of 45 and 60, living in the Chicagoland area, and I popped up on your "Viewed Me" list, I'm sorry, really. I would like to ask all of my middle-aged online dating male and female compatriots a favor.

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How else to explain Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell’s sneering dismissal of Trump’s request for an investigation into voter fraud, followed — one week later!

— by Mc Connell’s assurance that the Senate would investigate former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s phone call to the Russian ambassador? How will these nitwit politicians win praise from Congressional Republicans are just nincompoops.

Many of her fans would later tell me it was her fearlessness they admired, her fully unburdened sense of outrage against liberalism, against anyone left of Joseph Mc Carthy (whom Coulter flattered in her best-selling book Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism).

But in person, Coulter is more likely to offer jokes than fury. I wanted to see the rancor that allegedly is her sole contribution to public discourse (that and being a “lying liar,” in Al Franken’s estimation, as well as a “telebimbo” [Salon] and a “skank,” according to a blog kept by Vanity Fair’s James Wolcott). There are a lot of things that would make me blush.

Not only did he throw a grenade into politicians’ little do-nothing club, but his very existence destroys their self-conception as people with a set of skills.

While Trump was making billions of dollars building skyscrapers, developing golf courses and starring on a hit reality TV show, members of Congress were slowly working their way up the political ladder — interning at think tanks and congressional offices, taking some small government job, then running for the House or Senate, and, hopefully, marrying a woman with a large inheritance.

I intend in this piece to show that this contention is not supported by any firm evidence.Here is an example of the attack from Liberal Site Daily Kos:there is a persistent rumor that Ms.Ann Coulter is a male drag queen or male to female transsexual.Sure, she can call Molly Ivins a traitor and Evan Thomas, the son of Norman Thomas, even though his name is Evan Thomas, Jr.But they can respond in kind and ask about her adams apple and the fact that there was no child named Ann Coulter born in Connecticut in 1962-63. And I don't just mean because of her looks and personality; but I think dating Ms Coulter would be extremely dangerous.A stunning number of senators and congressmen are supported by rich wives — Sens.