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These games ask you a series (a short series) of questions related to the game you choose and displays your answers next to answers that your match chose. For example, a person has put Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as one of the tags in his/her like section, then you can click on it to get a list of all those people who have Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as their likes.

Ace from Mumbai, India Age: 18 to 24 Ethnicity: Asian Religion: Hindu Smoker: Never Seeking: Long-term dating Pin: Shikha, an extrovert personality I am married 30 yrs old female from mumbai, working as HR, prefer mature, frank, open minded people.

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“A lot of times I’ve wanted to say, ‘Honestly, baseball is not that important to me,’” he said.They were charged with conspiracy to use a communication facility to promote prostitution.They made their initial court appearance on Friday.(Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. My little buddy got bullets like the army Military thoughts like I trained with Al-Qaeda Raid a niggas crib with a box cutter razor Look, so bow down to the chief, the champ Dictator in these streets nigga, signed and stamped Gudda!Former Chicago White Sox player Adam La Roche — who hung up his cleats when the team partly banned his son from the clubhouse — went on an undercover mission last year to rescue underage sex slaves in Asia, it was revealed on Wednesday.let me stop Nah let me keep going, C4’ing, we blowing Up you better be detouring, if we touring, then she snoring cause he boring Shawty need a refund, bring him back And when it comes to me she pre-ordering, and re-ordering, and re-ordering I leap all in, I free fallin’, I sleep out of that pussy And when she calling, I don’t answer But she keep calling, and keep calling And we ballin’, like we ballin’ As a matter of fact like street ballin’ We evolving, they dissolving Cincinnati Reds hat, red-black Cops find your body but they don’t know where your head at Uh, I’m goin’ in like wet pussy No money, that sounds like debt to me Bitch I don’t give a motherfuck Yeah I’m leanin’, ’bout to pour me up another cup Yeah I’m high, ’bout to roll me up another blunt I roll a Biggie Smalls, here’s another one I’m in love with Wayne, long hair don’t care Bitch call me Rick James, hahahaa Weezy that nigga And don’t forget the Baby you fucking babysitters [Chorus – Lil Wayne] Small thing to a giant Small thing to a giant Small thing to a giant And this a small thing to a giant [Verse 3 – Gudda Gudda] I’m goin’ in like I’m goin’ home Twenty thousand on my wrist and my neck, that’s my rolling stone Went from being broke to not a pot to piss in Now I gotta pocket full of dead politicians Stop nigga, listen Cause I’mma ’bout to rape the game down No toilet paper on me while I’m shitting Fly boy hover over niggas like a flying saucer Y-M-O-B, don’t make me call the bosses YM gon’ eat and run like break-fast Been running for too long, it’s time to take cash And I’mma smoke the game cause no air kills And for the money I eat beats up like bear grills Bitches love me, when they stare I give them rare chills But money is over her, she can’t see in a pair of heels Young nigga ’bout to bleed the game Throw a stack at them hoes and tell ’em keep the change Gasoline flow, light the match watch it spark Fire jumping off my lips every time I talk Living legend in the flesh, I’m the champ yes I’m serving niggas like my name is Pete Sampras Get hyphy if you want and I’mma shake them dreads And go dumb with the tool upside your head Who want it?