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A heightened sensitivity to emotional experience and an acute responsiveness to nature were perceived as the marks of the person of sensibility.
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Please note this list is most definitely NSFW, and certainly not for those easily offended. These lyrics were selected and ranked off intangible factors like explicitness, raunchiness, humor, shock, graveness, niche of fetish, and imagery evoked. Feel free to disagree (but you're definitely wrong) and share any lyrics with us that might have gotten left off (though that's doubtful). You'll want it nice and warm to wash away the ordure when you get done reading.

There are some "A-Words" and "F-Words" included, as well as a "C-Word" or two (not that C-Word, the C-Word). A serious lyric about necrophilia is going to beat out a jokey lyric about bestiality.

An angry customer at a Santa Monica restaurant was caught on video accusing two fellow patrons of “having sex” in line behind her, setting her off on an angry, expletive-laden tirade.

The unidentified woman had ordered a meal at Mainland Poke in Santa Monica, Calif., but became uncomfortable with the nearby couple’s public display of affection.

“I feel sexually harassed.” Overhearing this, the couple suggested the woman leave the restaurant with her take-out order, which was sitting by the check-out counter. This is a place where you eat, not where you make out … She then called the other woman a “slut” and told her to “go make out outside.” TOO MUCH ED SHEERAN BAD FOR RESTAURANT BUSINESS, SAYS STUDY “You’re a heinous person,” the girlfriend replied. The couple again suggested she finish up her transaction, to which the woman replied, “Why don’t you leave, b----?

Passengers scrambled onto waiting buses or other trains to get to their destinations.

RTD spokesman Nate Currey says it may very well be due to temperatures plunging below zero, “Cold weather, we are looking into it don’t have a definitive answer yet as to why.” But for those relying on the A Line it meant delays from 20 minutes up to an hour with trains running on a single track in one area.

“We recognize that every time there is a glitch like this and it gets covered heavily by media that the question of reliability comes up, and we acknowledge that 100 percent…

our number would show that its going well,” says Currey.