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The information below was written by the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group.

Standard backdating An initial claim can be backdated if the circumstances entitling the person to tax credits have subsisted for the period of the backdating.

This process is not backdating, it is what the law says must happen when you apply.

This rule also applies to men over pension credit age but less than aged 65 who are NOT in receipt of Income Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance (Income based) or Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related).

If you are over pension credit age, the law requires us to automatically treat your claim for Housing Benefit as being made 3 months before we actually received your claim.

This would mean we can consider paying you for a period up to 3 months before the date we received your application form.

Well, I am here today to fill you in on this super cool tip which may save you some money on your premiums.

At Huntley Wealth we love a good deal and we sure are good at getting ’em! Most consumers are unaware that life insurance companies use your “nearest age” rather than your actual age to calculate premiums for your policy. Let’s say you turned 60 years old on October 1st 2016.

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Prior to 6 April 2012, refugees had 3 months from being awarded refugee status to inform HMRC and receive longer backdating.Your actual age today is 60, so it would be logical for you to expect to receive a quote for that age.…BUT for the Simply put, every year you wait to purchase life insurance, your premium increases! This male non smoking client is rated Preferred and looking for a 20 year term with 0,000 in coverage.But a claim may generally only be backdated by a maximum of 31 days.Prior to 6 April 2012, the backdating period was 93 days.In certain circumstances tax credits claims can be backdated.