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At first blush, the robot closet seems harmless enough, but players soon realized the closet has an animation that causes 4 tentacle-like robot arms to thrust suddenly out of their retracted position, then return to the retracted position.
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One of the few previous studies of ancient-cat genetics involved mitochondrial DNA (which, contrary to most nuclear DNA, is inherited through the maternal line only) for just three mummified Egyptian cats.Geigl’s team built on those insights, but expanded the approach to a much larger scale.A dark plume leapt into the sky over southern Mexico.Below, waves of hot gas and rock screamed down volcanic slopes, stripping the mountain and surrounding area of vegetation, killing any living thing in their path.It mixed with rivers to create torrents of water, mud and other material as thick as wet concrete.For days afterward the air was choked with ash—microscopic shards of glass—that sickened survivors who inhaled it. 540, and El Chichón—a small and previously unremarkable volcano—had plunged Maya civilization into darkness and chaos.

The study, presented at a conference on September 15, sequenced DNA from more than 200 cats that lived between about 15,000 years ago and the eighteenth century A. Researchers know little about cat domestication, and there is active debate over whether the house cat () is truly a domestic animal—that is, its behaviour and anatomy are clearly distinct from those of wild relatives. We do not know their origin, we don't know how their dispersal occurred,” says Eva-Maria Geigl, an evolutionary geneticist at the Institut Jacques Monod in Paris.

It fell like snow onto the surrounding landscape, jamming rivers to create massive floods that wreaked havoc on agriculture. At least that is the story according to a new paper published in the February , jumping into the long-running archaeological debate about what drove Maya civilization—one of the most sophisticated of its time—into a century-long “dark age.” The Maya, who thrived from A. 250 to 900, are widely considered the most advanced civilization in the pre-Columbian Americas.

They developed a writing system, precise calendars, new mathematics and magnificent cities with pyramids that still cast their shadows today. In 1938 an archaeologist noticed a strange gap in dated Maya monuments.

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