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The best thing I've seen from her is the handjob movie ending with a cumshot on her face at Perfect D.Scoreland can't thank Mia Sweetheart enough cause is was her who informed them about the spectacular Romanian girl you see her Erin Star.

Hong Kong (stock footage) provides the setting for Joanna Storm's stylized threesome with one shot Jade Laneer and hunky soldier boy Ferris Wheel from Stu Segall's UP ' N' COMING, really shot at the Japanese Tea Gardens at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.Audrey’s father, Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston, was born in Úžice/Auschiz, Bohemia, and was of English and/or Austrian and/or Czech and/or German descent.Audrey’s mother, Ella, Baroness van Heemstra, was Dutch.Audrey’s paternal grandfather was Victor John George Ruston (the son of John Joseph Ruston and, evidently, of Barbara Victoria Belha).Audrey’s great-grandfather John was English, and is usually stated as having been born in London or in Poplar, near London, the son of John J. Audrey’s paternal grandmother was Anna Juliana Franziska Karolina Wells (the daughter of Anton Wels/Wells and Karolina Schütz). Audrey’s maternal grandfather was Aarnoud Jan/Johan Anne Aleid, van Asbeck, and of Caroline/Carolina van Hogendorp/Hoogendorp). Gerrit was the son of Tjalling Minne Watze van Asbeck, tot Bergen en Munsterhausen, and of Elbrig Roos van Bienema.Birth Name: Audrey Kathleen Ruston Date of Birth: 4 May, 1929 Place of Birth: Ixelles, Belgium Date of Death: 20 January, 1993 Place of Death: Tolochenaz, Vaud, Switzerland Ethnicity: Dutch (including Frisian), English, Austrian and/or Czech and/or German, 1/256 French Audrey Hepburn was a Belgian-born, Dutch-raised, British actress and humanitarian.