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Wally turns to AMY SQUIRREL, late 20s, cute and wholesome. PRINCIPAL SNUR Thanks, Amy, (then, back to his notes) . She sports an enormous diamond ring and dresses slightly more cosmopolitan than the other teachers. He hands it to Elizabeth, who considers what to write for a beat, then smiles as she signs it. JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL - HALLWAY - DAY Elizabeth walks down the hall holding her box.

PRINCIPAL SNUR (CONT'D) But now as the summer is upon us, it's time to not only say goodbye to another school year, but to also say goodbye to a member of our faculty. ELIZABETH HALSEY, mid 20s, pretty and petite, walks up to the front. A dim-looking BOY tentatively approaches her desk with his yearbook in hand.

" A JANITOR opens the glass and starts removing the letters.

TEACHERS who rarely get to drink at work, jockey for position, holding out their plastic flutes. ELIZABETH (V.0.) And I can't believe it's all over. And even though I'll never teach again professionally, I've realized that I don't need a blackboard and classroom to set an example.