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LANDRACE STRAIN100 % INDICAFLOWERING INDOORS: 8-9 WEEKSFLOWERING OUTDOORS: END OF SEPTEMBERRESISTANCE AGAINST SPIDER MITES: AVERAGE-HIGHRESISTANCE AGAINST MILDEW: AVERAGE-HIGHRESISTANCE AGAINST BOTRYTIS: HIGHRESISTANCE AGAINST COLD: HIGHLATITUDE: 0-50º GENETICS: 100 % landrace indica from Chitral, pakistani Hindu Kush.STRUCTURE: Indica plant with short node lenght, wide leaves and columnar growing. YIELD/M2: Average BOUQUET: Great diversity of sweet scents, always round and penetrating."Five bodies have been identified, but the rest are unidentifiable," our correspondent said.A PIA spokesperson told Al Jazeera it was too early to ascertain the cause of the crash.

Ahmed et al (1990) sampled 60 monospecific stands of Juniperus excelsa at four locations in Balochistan and recorded density, basal area and height of individual.

Gauquelin et al (2002) studied the sex ratio and sexual dimorphism in Juniperus thurifera .

Ali (2003) discussed issues and threats to Juniper forests in Chitral and provided recommendations for the conservation of these forests to avoid further degradation.

Soils were analysed for selected physical and chemical characteristics and the degree of disturbance due to logging and burning was also noted.

Fisher and Gardner (1994) described the status and ecology of a Juniperus excelsa subsp.