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Consolidating tracks in pro tools

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You’ll want to keep your settings similar to the ones below.Most important thing is setting Format to Interleaved from Mono.In addition to these suggestions, I would recommend checking out region groups in Pro Tools.The effect is the same as consolidating the edits, but the group is temporary can be undone whenever needed —— a paper clip instead of a stapler, if you will. v=Zc SJQw W68LM Consolidate is really useful for when you have fixed the sync for a section of a track and just want to group it into a single region.This tutorial shows you how to go into the built in MIDI editor and delete or alter notes for your own music projects.After finally completing a rhythm section using Reason software, you may want to rewire using Protools. The best, would be to re-patch individually into Protools, however the demo here shows a simpler approach that will be easier ..According to Wikipedia, to be called "the Stradivari" of any field is to be deemed the finest there is...Having been an Adobe Audition/CEP user for almost ten years recording my own music recently I've come into the problem of using Protools for my uni work and also some short films I've been working on.

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This is a great tutorial for Pro T ..Pro Tools is extensive enough that you can actually delete individual notes from tracks that you don't like.Although I haven't used these files yet, they are all the same size so I would assume should all align on my program.So back to the main topic, Why do you consolidate in protools?How to prepare your songs and deliver them to me to Mix When preparing songs for a mix please follow these guidelines There are specific instructions for Pro Tools and Logic below these general instructions: #0: DO NOT EXPORT FILES AS "32-bit Float": WHAT..!?!? There is no difference in “resolution” between 8/16/24 or "32" bit PCM audio, the only difference is in the (theoretical) noise floor.Each additional bit that is added to word width is added to the LSB (least significant bit), each LSB is equal to 1/2 the value of the next highest bit.You should always export in wav or aiff format at whatever settings you recorded your song at.