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Also, they are relatively easy to make compared to a full blown PC or console mainstream game titles that may take years of development.

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Dawson was born into a notorious criminal family, allowed to get away with many petty crimes out of the fear the town feels toward this family.

Dawson is not like his family, but no one really believes that a Cole could be honest or law abiding.

In the novel, Dawson Cole returns to his hometown for the first time after twenty years to fulfill the last wishes of his dear friend and surrogate father, Tuck Hostetler.

When he arrives, Dawson is surprised to find that Tuck arranged for Dawson's high school girlfriend, Amanda, to join him in fulfilling these last wishes.

Months later, Dawson learns of the death of his good friend, Tuck Hostetler.

Dawson rushes home to see to Tuck's final wishes even though he has not been home in twenty years.

Employees of the major oil companies form only a quarter of the workforce.

Every journey to and from work is a source of anxiety to the families of the workers.SINCE 1969, when oil was first discovered in the North Sea, men, and for the past 10 years, women, have laboured hard to pump Britain's liquid gold ashore.These 30,000 workers' private lives have been jeopardised by life offshore.Reddit's patented Ask Me Anything format is most frequently covered in the media when led by a celebrity (two days ago the internet went predictably cock-a-hoop as Bill Murray held a session).But it's often at its most insightful when conducted by someone you don't know.In fact, it soon becomes apparent that Dawson and Amanda seeing one another again and perhaps rekindling their old romance is the main goal of Tuck's final wish.