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Dating vintage playing cards

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When playing cards traveled to Europe, suits went through several evolutions until the French developed the clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades of today.Cards were also revised by Europeans in the late 14th century to represent royalty...In the 15th century woodcut decks became more common.

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These can be helpful in dating decks of cards, though it must be kept in mind that company names continued to be used even after mergers and acquisitions.

Combinations with fewer numbers have no meaning for collectors.

The same codes were used by National Playing Card Co.

ADVERTISING An Unofficial Reference for Collectors Over the years, I have written to Brown & Bigelow in St Paul in the USA, regarding the varying type of playing cards issued from the 1930's through to the 1960's.

I have received only one reply in 1999 which stated they were undermanned regarding history and instead of answering only a few queries, the company policy was to answer none.