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But a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defence confirmed that it was a routine training exercise and nothing operational.

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At the age of 81, Eleanor Coppola makes her narrative feature directorial debut with “Paris Can Wait,” a winsome tale of a road trip through the French countryside starring Diane Lane.Coppola, who previously directed shorts and documentaries, including “Hearts of Darkness,” about the making of...However, he didn't mention whether he told the woman or if the guy managed to make it home before he inevitably passed out.

It's also exhausting to work 10-hour shifts on your feet, and your back can ache from bending down to get ingredients under the bar. I started my career as a waitress and cocktail server at Flatiron Lounge in New York, helping behind the bar when bartenders got really busy. Before you earn your spot behind the bar, you have to pay your dues — which means cleaning the counters, restocking liquor bottles, and taking the crappy shifts.We both preferred verbose (or “prolix,” as she preferred to say) text messages over phone conversations because we liked to choose our words carefully. We want to publish your story Despite the appeal of lavish Valley light shows, we remained south of the hill and assumed there would be a reasonable amount of Christmas spirit in the Hancock Park neighborhood adjacent to Larchmont Village. Christmas lights in Hancock Park are few and far between, and we walked every “far between,” her in heels, me in my lifts (which I sometimes wear to offset the difference when a date wears heels). Affairs columns I hoped that, after passing all these empty front lawns, we’d find a Santa, a Frosty or a Rudolph that would bear witness to our first kiss, but the lack of Christmas spirit was killing the romantic vibe. She smiled and reached out, but as we locked fingers, her heel landed in a sidewalk crack and she went flying forward.We both loved cats, baseball, museums, hiking and musical theater and, apparently, we both loved Christmas lights too. The sidewalk graduated upward from the street to the houses, and I kept wondering whether I should be a gentleman and walk on the street side, making her six inches taller instead of two. Fortunately, she had a firm enough grip on my hand to maintain her balance and stop the fall. She told me she’d been wanting to check out the Larchmont, a cozy restaurant five blocks north.As we wobbled into the restaurant and took our seats at the bar, we were greeted by the last person a short man wants to see while on a date with an emotionally unresponsive woman: a tall, handsome mixologist with the perfect amount of facial hair.