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[Guests] had no clue they were coming to a wedding.
New to the schedule this season is the Sidney Invitational in Sidney Montana.
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' Although popularly known as ‘twice nightly Whiteley’ — a reputation he enjoyed and played up to for years — he said, ruefully, that towards the end of his life the reality was more like 'once yearly, nearly'.
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The Anaheim Police Department has worked closely with Mercy House and area businesses and residents on a security plan that ensures Bridges at Kraemer Place will be a good neighbor. Trash cans and outdoor pet food are issues, though not because coyotes necessarily feed on them. Supervise pets outside or consider coyote-safe pet enclosures.
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We would like to think that we are gathering beautiful and authentic women to help them meet men from all over the world for marriage.
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Below, I plotted several college major’s estimated average student IQ over the gender ratio of that major. A shockingly clear correlation: the more female-dominated a college major is, the lower the average IQ of the students studying in the major.