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Now Ladies, let’s sit down here and look at the situation from that old white dude’s point of view when he fancies himself your wildest fantasy come true and comes at you like he does. We’re old, our better days are behind us, we’ve got nothing to lose and if you turn us down, ya think that’s the worst thing we’ve gotta deal with that day? We’ve been through Life and we know in the grand scheme of things that relaxing our gentlemanly behavior in the hopes of some young stuff really doesn’t matter that much. Think of it like this…Remember your last week in high school your senior year? Ya relax, party up and bide your time until ya cash out and move on. Look at the 2 outcomes here and ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen…You say no and feel creeped out and make those icky faces as we hobble off to the next nubile Nubian Queen. So let’s put the 2 outcomes on a scale here and take into consideration that life is short and it’s getting shorter. Men are conditioned to make the move and then face the possibility of rejection. Ya know, cuz he thinks he’s the exception to the norm and all that.

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With the right amount of research and decision making, we can end up with amazing chat modules available with the android mobiles.That’s basically how the new dating app Tinder works. ”There are a lot of guys on tinder, and, lets face it, they’re not all special snowflakes.It’s become extremely popular even among those who would have never considered online dating. Optimizing your profile, applying tinder dating tips and using good opening lines are the keys to success!Have you ever wondered: this girl is cute, it’s a shame I don’t know if she likes me or not?I don’t know about you, but I often think that people should send clear signals about whether they like us or not."I love a man that knows what he wants - someone who isn't afraid to act out his fantasies with me.