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Overbooking your Tinder dates and realizing you have two different people coming to the same bar at the same time.7. Accidentally having too many “personality drinks” pre-date, going to your date wasted, trying to cover it up and failing miserably.9.
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" I would sit in her kitchen and the only answer that would come to mind was: "It's so damn familiar." I can say the same about the Balkans. It could have been Turkey, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria (my birth country), or Macedonia - I wasn't an outsider. Yes, there are moments when you want to run out of the house; there are times when you want to jump in front of a car. Because of one wrong move, you suffer the rest of your life," said Vika, who was trafficked to Dubai when she was 19 - Moldova, 2004 [Mimi Chakarova] It took time to find women who had survived.

I didn't intend to spend more than a year covering human trafficking. I didn't intend on reporting in more than two countries. Before my trips, my mum used to ask: "It took us so many years to get out of poverty, why do you keep returning there? You just shouldn't be hot tempered and act out on impulse.

Hotel rooms at the Istanbul Royal Hotel have carpeted floors and large windows that overlook the streets of Istanbul.

They come equipped with a minibar and a private bathroom with a hairdryer. The Istanbul Royal Hotel offers 24-hour front desk service and luggage storage.

The 'break down' "If I had the chance to prevent it all, [to] stop someone from getting into this, if I could, I would help in every possible way.

She was judged, trashed, discarded - even by her own family.

Here are six illustrations of what it’s like to be in our heads.

What changes over time is how we get to the moment of unzipping, and how we feel about the process along the way.

Technology is always in the mix, whatever the outcome.

We have been told we live in “the hook-up era.” We have been warned that “the hook-up culture” will hurt us all.

And yet, today’s kids were hardly the first to get into each other’s pants for non-procreative purposes.