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Invalidating query cache entries mysql

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Queries that happened a month ago are probably no longer useful now.

So if it's storing those query results then it's completely worthless because chances are no one is going to run that same exact query again.

That also means that if query_cache_type=OFF at startup, you need to restart My SQL if later you want to enable the query cache (you can’t enable it at runtime).

The query mutex becomes a very hot spot especially if you are using RBR.

Still this is in idea level and I haven't done any coding yet.

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My SQL implements caching where frequently used data can be stored, there are two parts to a query can use the query cache to obtain the already prepared query without running this process again which costs time, hopefully the data retrieved will be pretty much the same, again this data should still be in the data cache (memory) which means for faster retrieval.Nfc Toggle Wifi, System Does Not Allow The Change Can Tasker Help Setting Up A Workaround To This Bug?[mongodb-user] 26compat Release Series Of Mongo DB C Driver Reached End-of-life No.1 D7 Smartwatch.First, read the manual, it's written at a very easy-to-understand level.Second, the query cache can be operated in 3 modes only: on, off, and on-demand. I haven't touched anything such as reseting query cache for the year that the game has been up, I'm working with about 5000-1million rows depending on the table.