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Jessie in particular appears to have been lying about seeing Rozlyn and the producer making out, since she previously told TV Guide Canada, "I didn't see anything."Valishia has also recanted her "Women Tell All" antics, apologizing to Rozlyn and saying, "I kind of felt a little bombarded by producers and people who tried to sway me to that side."Steve then directly addresses "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison: Chris, I am 100% dead serious when I say this: stop the lies. He seems like a good dude, just one completely ill-equipped to handle reality show drama. Jake and Vienna went bungee jumping to "overcome their fears as a couple." Who met last week. The office manager told the camera earlier in the episode, "I feel that there is a connection between me and Jake, and I'm ready to get married and give my mom another grandbaby, you know, she wants another one. Everybody in my family says it my turn, so, not that I'm desperate, but I'll be there at the end, for sure!