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This is a review article which comprehensively explores and describes the validity and reliability of a research instrument (with special reference to questionnaire).

It further discusses various forms of validity and reliability tests with concise examples and finally explains various methods of analysing these tests with scientific principles guiding such analysis.

One of the most common tasks often encountered in social science research is ascertaining the validity and reliability of a measurement tool. As simple as this may seems, it is often omitted or just mentioned passively in the research proposal or report.

The researchers always wish to know if the measurement tool employed actually measures the intended research concept or construct (is it valid? ) or if the measurement tools used to quantify the variables provide stable or consistent responses (is it reliable? This has been adduced to the dearth of skills and knowledge of validity and reliability test analysis among social and health science researchers.

All the following steps (apart from translation) will be undertaken with the English-language version of the questionnaire.Niger Postgrad Med J [serial online] 2015 [cited 2017 Jun 5];5-201. 2015/22/4/195/173959 These can be observational, self-report, interview and record review.The various measurements will ultimately require measurement tools through which the values will be captured.Below are the SUPR-Q items originally written in English and translated into French, along with the anchor labels to the response options for most of the items (strongly disagree to strongly agree). Back translate: To get a sense of how effective the translation was, have another independent person translate the translated questionnaire back into the original language.Here are the original French SUPR-Q items translated back into English.Keywords: Questionnaire, reliability, social and health, validity How to cite this URL: Bolarinwa OA.