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Dollar wise, the most valuable of vintage Mitchell reels are the ones that have never been used, still NEW in their original box, with original paperwork. Hands down, these command the greatest prices on e Bay.

It matters not the model, if you have the reel with its original box and paperwork it is of greater value than the same reel without these "extras." They are the most collectible, period. A "New in the Box" (NIB) reel can be worth anywhere from 0 to 00 and beyond.

There are many reasons that factor into the price variations, some models were limited editions, some were prototypes, some were first editions, others were less successful models that were made in limited amounts, some have more bling, while others were just simple production reels.

Yet all maintain a solid value and time and time again the ones NIB command the highest prices.

A story that has been almost forgotten in the mists of time and one with which few anglers of my generation are familiar. I feel it is important to know something of our angling heritage so we can understand how our tackle evolved to where it is today.

Many of us started our fishing lives using MITCHELL equipment and some, like me, have stayed loyal to the brand ever since whereas others…

Sentimental value-wise, the most valuable Mitchell reel I own is the 309 ultra-light my dad gave me in the early 1970s. My son, John, fishes with it now, while I use dad's old 301.

Both catch fish just as well today as they did when I was young.

I have a vested interest in the story as I am lucky enough to work with MITCHELL across the whole product range and want to see this famous brand back as strong as it ever was with top quality, innovative and competitive products.I want to jog the memories of the senior anglers among us and possibly inspire some of you younger ones.I have tried to make the history that follows succinct, informative and hopefully interesting.You just can't put a price on the memories wrapped up in them.They are the reason I started collecting these 30, 40, 50 and 60 year old reels in the first place.The body and rotor are touted as being extremely rigid, but there is still flex evident under pressure when squeezed or twisted.