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— Scott Smith, a therapist who treats children with sexual behavior issues How many of you would like a poor decision you made at the age of 13 to follow you around for the rest of your life?— Lacy J., a mother of a 13-year-old convicted as an adult for having sexual contact with his five-year-old cousin, speaking before a panel of Arizona state legislators He knows nothing about sex.All Tier 1 offenders must register with police once a year for 15 years.Related: Myths and research on sex offender registries Tier 2 Soliciting minors for sex, distributing child pornography, using the Internet to seek out children for sex, sexual touching if the victim is between 13 and 17 years of age, and soliciting a prostitute under the age of 18.

Other children are labeled sex offenders for such non-coercive or nonviolent and age-appropriate activities as “playing doctor,” youthful pranks such as exposing one’s buttocks, and non-coercive teen sex.Second tier offenders would be for those convicted of offenses such as date rape, 2 (MCLA 750.520d) degree criminal sexual conduct offenses against adults, and most internet and child pornography offenses.Second tier offenders would have to register twice per year with the State Police, and would be on the registry for 25 years.The bill signed into law by Governor Snyder changes all of that. They would not be listed on the public registry at all; rather they would register with the State Police once per year for 15 years, and their names and information would be on a private list, available only to law enforcement.Michigan is now a “Three tier” registration state, bringing the state into compliance with the Federal Adam Walsh Act requirements (Pub. Some first tier offenders would be able to petition a judge to have their name removed after 10 years.There is a small percentage who are on the registry but don't show up on the public website.