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We ended the night with ice skating at Rockefeller Center.It was obviously a little silly, but it was a lot of fun and completely laid back.It's fun, creative, and way competitive." "A fun thing to do during the holidays is drive around looking at the lights.It became a game of who could end up with the best present for in under an hour. We drank crappy coffee, ran around finding the decorated trees in NYC, and he even ran in circles in a revolving door."A fun thing to do during the holidays is drive around looking at the lights.My boyfriend and I love to pop in the corny kids' songs Christmas playlists and go driving around checking out how our friends and family decked out their houses." "The holiday season ends up being a crazy time for buying presents.

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And he was the most prominent classical composer to "go rogue," reinventing a familiar form in a heroic new way with the Symphony No. We appreciate that kind of daring and inventiveness, and we see a Promethean sacrifice in the way Beethoven suffered and pushed himself to transmute the symphony's formally abstract structure into a philosophical statement.

No more bouncing between Pinterest, Yelp, and robotic booking aggregators as you plan your trip — lets you get inspired, sort out the details and even book your accommodations all in one spot. We can point out the overhyped and overpriced, but we’re also not afraid to go on and on like a doting grandma about the things that deserve it.

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As for recordings…well, it's hardly the kind of music we'd keep playing in the background as we do household chores. The Ninth occupies a unique place in global culture and in the popular imagination.

In a world in which we strive to appreciate diversity, the Ninth symbolizes something universal: the human aspiration to be free.