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Josh Pence, who appeared with Parks co-star Rashida Jones in the 2010 film The Social Network, also appeared in "Soulmates" as a man wearing cowboy clothes who dates Ann.According to Nielsen Media Research, the episode was seen by 4.89 million household viewers, a slight decrease from the previous original episode, "Andy and April's Fancy Party".Leslie to try stop it tells Howard and he seems fine with the idea.Ann finds out about Howard knowing and it not happy with Leslie.Ann quickly does this narrowing in down to three guys.Chris, Ron and Ben got food poisoning from the Carlson's while Tom is fine. Ann interviews her guys coming only to Howard as her prime candidate.After it aired, NBC launched a website for Hoosier Mate.com, the fictional online dating site featured in "Soulmates".

Tammy One: In a sense, yes, but in another, truer sense, no, it is not. But I had to learn about his finances to make sure my future was protected. Which is a...that's, uh, in California, which is southwest of here by a number of miles, so, uh, we terminated our involvement at that time.

When Ann and Leslie are at the sperm bank and Ann is looking through a binder of potential donors, she exclaims, "Wow, this guy went to Harvard! See more » Ann is dating herself nowadays as she try's so much new things including food and skydiving.

Ann's new things is being a mom using sperm instead of a guy, Leslie is not OK with this decision as she believe Ann can get a guy on her own.

Ron: I value a good education, so I don't want to see Andy waste his time in college. I no longer have highly trained, professional campaign managers. Are most murders committed by highly trained, professional assassins? And those are the kind of sexy qualifications that win elections. It's the true story of a woman born with no arms and no legs who attempted to swim the English Channel.

So many businesses represented here today; Food N Stuff, JJ's Diner, Glenmore Discount Cemetery, Tramp Stamp Tattoos, Enormous Kenny's Fired Dough Stand & Mobile Phone Emporium. My company is no better than a company where you ask a fake butler to Google things for you. Officer: Well you got four people in the front seat. You were speeding and blasting your horn through the hospital zone. Leslie: [giving her relaunch speech] As a loyal Pawneean, I've always been proud of this town. Sorry my cards got out of order here when they fell. Leslie: He is attractive, and charming, and his family employs half the town. I am a lifelong government bureaucrat who's well versed in the issues. Then Blue Ivy Carter high-fived me and gave me million dollars.