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Sedating a pet

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A sedative is any substance that can reduce irritability or excitement by inducing sedation, i.e.

it puts the brain to sleep in both animals and human beings.

Certain vaccinations must be up to date for a health certificate to be issued.

As part of the exam, your veterinarian may check for heartworm disease and prescribe heartworm preventative medication.

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Sedatives have been used for years to calm pets and reduce nervousness, usually in association with thunderstorms or fireworks.

The local anesthetic prevents the pain impulse from being 'read' by the brain.

With animals, local anesthetics may provide pain control, but may not be sufficient to keep the animal still during the procedure.

Sedatives have also been used to reduce fear that may develop during air travel.

Sedatives are commonly used to calm extremely fearful pets, those prone to severe separation anxiety and overactive pets.