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* client codebase is sle-11-sp3 package spacewalk-check is not installed package spacewalk-client-setup is not installed package spacewalk-client-tools is not installed package zypp-plugin-spacewalk is not installed * going to install missing packages... The following NEW packages are going to be installed: libnewt0_52 newt python-dmidecode python-ethtool python-newt python-openssl rhnlib slang spacewalk-check spacewalk-client-setup spacewalk-client-tools spacewalksd suse Register Info zypp-plugin-python zypp-plugin-spacewalk 15 new packages to install. After the operation, additional 5.3 Mi B will be used. Also running "zypper update" on the sles11sp3 box(suse mgr client) returns: Refreshing service 'spacewalk'. Running "mgr-ncc-sync -l" on SUSE Mgr returns: mgr-ncc-sync -l Listing channels ... - channel is not installed, but is available - X - channel is not available [P] suse-manager-server-2.1-pool-x86_64 [P] sle11-sp3-debuginfo-pool-x86_64-server-2.1 [P] sle11-sp3-debuginfo-updates-x86_64-server-2.1 [P] sles11-sp3-pool-x86_64-server-2.1 [P] sles11-sp3-updates-x86_64-server-2.1 [P] suse-manager-server-2.1-updates-x86_64 Software channels and check they ones you originally configured for the channel are present and selected.

WARNING: cannot verify pk's certificate, issued by `/C=PK/ST=Sindh/L=KHI/O=NDS/OU=IT/CN=pk': Unable to locally verify the issuer's authority. Problem retrieving the repository index file for service 'spacewalk': [|] This system may not be updated until it is associated with a channel. It sounds like you did not configure the primary channel and sub channels linked to it to get all your wanting?

One of the most common challenges of managing the configuration of servers in your typical DTAP environment is, in my opinion, keeping all the involved hosts at the same level of configuration in terms of installed operating system packages and their configuration files.This is where a Linux systems management solution like Red Hat Satellite can help you out.Since you need a Red Hat subscription for Satellite, this article will discuss the open source alternative called Spacewalk.while on the same system running the "rhn-channel -u admin -p password -L" returns nothing..Spacewalk is the upstream-project for Redhat Satellite.I just wanted to share with everyone how to update the RHN profile of a host.