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Sql 2016 replication immediate updating subscription

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--Declarations for adding a transactional publication DECLARE @publication DB AS sysname; DECLARE @publication AS sysname; DECLARE @login AS sysname; DECLARE @password AS sysname; SET @publication DB = N' Adventure Works2012'; SET @publication = N' Adv Works Product Tran'; SET @login = $(Login); SET @password = $(Password); USE [Adventure Works] -- Enable transactional replication on the publication database.EXEC sp_replicationdboption @[email protected] DB, @optname=N'publish', @value = N'true'; -- Execute sp_addlogreader_agent to create the agent job.Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this feature.Transactional replication enables changes made at a Subscriber to be propagated back to the Publisher using either immediate or queued updating subscriptions.The Distribution Agent copies the initial snapshot files from the snapshot folder and the transactions held in the distribution database tables to Subscribers.Incremental changes made at the Publisher flow to Subscribers according to the schedule of the Distribution Agent, which can run continuously for minimal latency, or at scheduled intervals.This page is only available if you have enabled a transactional publication for updatable subscriptions.For more information about enabling updatable subscriptions, see Enable Updating Subscriptions for Transactional Publications.

@publisher_security_mode = 1; -- Create a transactional publication that supports immediate updating, -- queued updating, and pull subscriptions.You can create an updating subscription programmatically using replication stored procedures.(Also, see Create an Updatable Subscription to a Transactional Publication (Management Studio).) This example creates an immediate updating pull subscription to a publication that supports immediate updating subscriptions.Login and password values are supplied at runtime using sqlcmd scripting variables. For information about how to use scripting variables on the command line and in SQL Server Management Studio, see the Executing Replication Scripts section in the topic Replication System Stored Procedures Concepts. DECLARE @publication AS sysname; DECLARE @publication DB AS sysname; DECLARE @publisher AS sysname; DECLARE @login AS sysname; DECLARE @password AS nvarchar(512); SET @publication = N' Adv Works Product Tran'; SET @publication DB = N' Adventure Works2008R2'; SET @publisher = $(Pub Server); SET @login = $(Login); SET @password = $(Password); -- At the subscription database, create a pull subscription to a transactional -- publication using immediate updating with queued updating as a failover.EXEC sp_addpullsubscription @publisher = @publisher, @publication = @publication, @publisher_db = @publication DB, @update_mode = N'failover', @subscription_type = N'pull'; -- Add an agent job to synchronize the pull subscription, -- which uses Windows Authentication when connecting to the Distributor.Because changes to the data must be made at the Publisher (when transactional replication is used without immediate updating or queued updating options), update conflicts are avoided.