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I currently live in Graford, my name is Wonder-Sex.

Taylor kitsch and brooklyn decker dating

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So while Sam stays on land with paraplegic Army veteran Mick (real-life Iraq hero Gregory D. T.s don't phone home, Alex and his weapons specialist (Rihanna, of all people) take aim at the muthafuckers.

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They were driven to their Sydney hotel, the Intercontinental, and have already been snapped at the window of their suite; Zayn in particular has given female admirers a look at his shirtless torso.

He played Pogue Parry in The Covenant, alongside Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan, Laura Ramsey, Toby Hemingway, Jessica Lucas, and Chace Crawford.

In February 2008, he signed on to play Gambit in the X-Men franchise spinoff X-Men Origins: Wolverine, released in May 2009.

Berg panders shamelessly for the big finish, enlisting the real WWII battleship USS Missouri, and its old-school crew.

Taylor Kitsch (born April 8, 1981) is a Canadian actor and model.