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One of the fascinations of making a call to a mobile phone is that you cannot be sure of the whereabouts of the person you are calling.

The other day your correspondent contacted a fellow who was in Gabriela Sabatini's apartment in Key Biscayne, Florida, bragging that he had been there for three weeks.

If I craved sweetness I would be asking you to bring me The tears of Annabel Croft.

I never asked for the wristbands of Maria Bueno, Though their periodic transit of her glowing forehead Was like watching a bear’s tongue lap nectar.

Pride of Allan Sports Club today, Wimbledon tomorrow, I mused. "All in all, if you concentrate on doubles, where you can hide your forehand and let your partner take all the smashes, and employ a personal trainer, fitness coach, dietician, physiotherapist, psychologist - not forgetting personal health insurance - you have the potential to be world class.

So confident had I become that, just for devilment, I even conjured up a sumptuous drop-shot - delivered from four feet behind the baseline - that floated and landed as gently as a butterfly. To be honest, I have always known that it was my forehand which had prevented me from achieving true greatness; in my youth, it was capable of producing an outrageous cross-court top-spin winner one minute, only to send the ball sailing high over the metal fence or trundling embarrassingly into the foot of the net on the very next point. and a glorious Nastase-esque sliced cross-court backhand winner from Philip: 15-0. : 15-15.) Another wicked serve deep to the backhand.

Kournikova, 20, is today's affluent tennis glamourpuss, a Sabatini without singles trophies.

That's something you can't buy and you can't change; it's just her.Bring me the sweat of Gabriela Sabatini For I know it tastes as pure as Malvern water, Though laced with bright bubbles like the aqua minerale That melted the kidney stones of Michelangelo As sunlight the snow in spring.Bring me the sweat of Gabriela Sabatini In a green Lycergus cup with a sprig of mint, But add no sugar – The bitterness is what I want.As you are no doubt aware, I once aced Roy Emerson, and to show my commitment to the cause have embarked upon a strict diet, bought a supply of nicotine patches and at enormous expense (a seafood Thai green curry and a large glass of sauvignon blanc) appointed Andy's mum, Judy Murray, as my personal coach. And Robert Philip, High School of Glasgow 1967 Scottish Schools' Cup finalist (defeated) and 1979 Hillhead Tennis Club men's singles finalist (defeated). "Top-spin serve, very natural and reminded me a lot of Gaston Gaudio (who won the French Open in 2004). Volley, very solid, but you need to put your - how shall I put this? Smash, your lack of height will always be the problem here. After studying the report of our first training session, I look forward to hearing from you concerning the delivery of my team tracksuit, etc, etc . In my mind's eye, even the knock-up was a thing of beauty, the ball whizzing back and forth barely grazing the top of the net in a seamless exchange of elegant backhands. Against anyone taller than me and you'd have to smash their serves back! Her range of perfumes – Gabriela Sabatini, Cascaya, Magnetic, Bolero, Wild Wind, Devotion – is a grand slam and a half.