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The dating of rock art a critique

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Finally, these new datings are added to the scant corpus of absolute dates for rock art that exist in South America.This paper critically reviews the various approaches used to estimate the age of the rock art in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.This paper critically reviews the evidence for the antiquity of pigment rock art in Australia by examining the various dating techniques employed.The accurate and reliable dating of rock art worldwide is crucial to understanding the evolution of modern human symbolism and whether cognitive modernism came about after, rather than with, the first signs of full biological modernism; understanding the pitfalls and devising proper methods are crucial prerequisites.

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All these notions have been discredited, however, and the current evidence suggests that figurative depiction was introduced only during the Holocene, never reaching Tasmania.

Nevertheless, some Australian rock art has been attributed to the Pleistocene by direct dating methods, and its nature implies that a significant portion of the surviving corpus of rock art may also be of such age.

Nelson (1993), in the last ANTIQUITY, declared doubts about an old date for rock art in northern Australia we published in 1990. ABSTRACT: In human origin studies, symbolic material culture plays a central role in investigating how, when, where and why advanced cognition and complex cultural behaviours developed in various Pleistocene human populations.

Loy, another co-author of the original paper, confirms his continuing confidence in the determination.