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One of the things I love most is meeting people, which is partially what brings me here.

Updating a jar

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Is it even possible to update a Jar whilst its running?

I do not want to extract all of the files from the single jar file and then repackage them, I just want to update the image.The real problem of course is that once the JVM loads your JAR it will carry along happily with what it loaded and never read from your JAR file again, no matter how many times you overwrite it.This is the behavior of the default class loader and cannot be changed - however as others have pointed out - you do NOT have to use the default class loader.Finally, if I can do this from a command line, it means I can create a batch file to update lots of specific files without having to create the folder structure.I forgot to say that I would also like to avoid having to unjar, update, rejar the whole thing, as this JAR can go upwards to 2GB so it takes a while to do this just to, basically, add a little resource file to my gigantic JAR. 4129445 : An API to incrementally update ZIP files in the Sun/Oracle bug database asks for this feature to be implemented in the java api.JAR files are ubiquitous to Java users and programmers. Learn the ins-and-outs of Java archive files, including their innate support for indexing, programmatic creation and manipulation, security, and data integrity.