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I have seen this game before, although was with the pearl necklace ending.

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You can still write a term paper, but you won’t be able to compile a company report.

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The line spacing options are displayed in an eye blink.

Microsoft Office has dominated the market of text documents, spreadsheets and slide shows for years, and for good reason – it’s one of the very best.

Microsoft itself offers a collection of free Office utilities formerly known as Office Web Apps and now called Office Online.

They are essentially browser-based versions of the latest Office suite.

Of all the cybercriminal threats out there, being attacked by ransomware is among the most devastating.

Still, many people flinch at buying Office because it’s expensive.Unlike most third-party software out there, users don’t need to put in the extra effort or use additional software to keep Microsoft Office software up-to-date.Unless updates are disabled, Office program is automatically updated via Windows Update service and one can view all installed updates for Office under Windows Updates.Turning off updates is only option if you don’t want Office 2013 from automatically updated to Office 2016 (installed as part of Office 365 subscription).If for whatever reason you want to stop Office updates, you can do so without actually disabling Windows Update service as turning off Windows Update will stop Windows operating system from receiving new updates and is definitely not a good idea.Type what you want to do in the Office program and the little genie not only shows you how to do it, like a help feature, but let’s you do it directly from here.