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Validating composite controls

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Do you know if there is any way to validate (externally) a group of controls as a single entity? Also, I think that you meant to put two validators in your code (one for each box), because the sample you gave would still only validate text1.

This sample book chapter shows you some of the most common server-control techniques. NET is its support for custom server controls and components. NET ships with dozens of built-in controls, and developers can easily extend these controls or write their own controls from scratch.Example: I'd like the developers to be able to do something like this: I have added the "Validation Property" to the composite textbox, but the Required Field Validator (or any ofthe other validators) don't seem to recognize the textbox or the data coming from it.The textbox (and all other custom Composite Controls I built) inherit Composite Control, have the attribute "Validation Property" set to the public property that exposes the data element of the control, and contain a "string Validation Group" property as well.For example, or other properties it delegates to child controls in view state because the child controls use view state for storing these properties.Background: I have a toolset of Composite Controls that I use to build forms.(I would also like to hear solutions using other attributes or methods) The control code: using System; using System. I completely forgot to consider the Regexvalidator, or the rangevalidator, which would not find my original is Valid property very helpful.