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Made in Sicily, and as one of the earliest surviving quilts in the world, at least two sections survive at the V&A Museum (London) and in Bargello palace (Florence).

Another of the Tristan and Isolde story is held in a private collection. It is a quilted linen carpet found in a Mongolian cave, and now kept at the Saint Petersburg department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Archaeology Section.

Hanging is recommended for silk quilts to take advantage of the stunning play of light reflecting from the surface of silks and silk velvets. Silks, crepes and other early 20th century elegant fabrics. This Victorian crazy quilt, having been made in the 1880’s is comprised of wonderfully made silks and silk velvets.

After purchasing your antique silk quilt, we will be happy to assist you in proper hanging techniques. The binding is turned over from the back and then embroidered all around. Silks and silk velvets were the fabrics of well to do families prior to the 1890’s.

Commercial blankets or woven coverlets were a more economical bedcovering for most people.

Only the wealthy had the leisure time for quilt making so Colonial quilting was done by only a few.

Silk in the 19th century was strictly the fabric of the wealthy.

Because silks of this era were manufactured for affluent buyers, they were of the highest quality and have retained their original strength, luster, brilliance, and condition today. In the mid 19th century, two of the most popular silk quilt patterns were the Mosaic and the Log Cabin.