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Jude Law looks dashing and has an attractive personality. The first three was born to Sadie Frost on three different occasions, the fourth one to Samantha Burke and the fifth one to Catherine Harding.He nearly had dozens of relationships in his life some of which lasted for months and others for years. In spite of the fact that he is 43, he is still dating women very younger to him and currently in a relationship with Phillipa Coan.Ever since then, he has become every woman’s dream man.His killer blue eyes and stunning abs drive them crazy to every extent.Zachary David Alexander Efron, popularly known as Zac Efron, is a popular American actor and singer. He was great at studies, and it was his father who encouraged him to pursue acting as a career option.After passing High School in 2006, he deferred his enrollment in the University due to an acting project he received early that year.Jude Law is currently in a private relationship with his girlfriend Phillipa Coan.This dating profile reveals details about his ex wife as well as all ex girlfriends.

You always seem to play the baddie, as you do in The Musketeers. Radio Times got the chance to talk to Marc about his choice in parts – and pick his brains about a few telly favourites in the process. But I’m doing another baddie soon in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, for the BBC. And for some reason I just have that look – the look of the nutter. But anybody who knows me would say I’m not like that at all. They’re very boring to play, and very difficult to play. We’re all blokes in our 40s and working long hours, normally six days a week, and getting up at 5.30am. If I was in my 20s, just starting out, then good times for all. Television is like mass hypnosis, and if you have it just rumbling on in the background, you get sucked into the vortex. And for some reason I just have that look – the look of the nutter. But anybody who knows me would say I’m not like that at all" From Hustle and Mad Dogs to The Musketeers, Marc Warren has made his name playing screw-ups, villains and ne'er-do-wells – but what drives him to pick these edgier roles? To be honest I don’t watch that much “live” television; it’s mostly things I’ve recorded. If you feel it, you go with it, and that’s what we did.Marc Warren (born 20 March 1967) is an English actor, known for his British television roles, typically (but not exclusively) playing brash cockey characters.So, ladies, you still have a chance to be with the British actor.